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Results Fita 2012
Mexico City
Professional Visitors


• It is the first international tourism fair in Mexico that shows tourism offer from the five continents.

• FITA gathers the industry’s most prominent figures: wholesalers, tour operators, transport companies, hotels, event planners,travel agencies, official tourism institutions, convention offices and visitor offices, as well as the most representative tourism media for the benefit of exhibitors and professional visitors.

• Fita received over 2,000 national and international buyers, including 25 specialists in business and conventions. Coming from approximately 55 countries, they had the chance to arrange over 25,000 business meetings with more than 3,000 exhibitors.

• Fita Congress was institutionalized, which is a system of business rounds for all people interested in congresses and conventions; many business meeting were arranged in over 50 work groups.

• 25,000 people interested in the industry attended the fair.

• Fita also welcomed 5,000 tourism professionals.

• 233 national and international Media were present at the fair.

• Fita featured a media pavilion, a press room, and an auditorium to host seminars and conferences.

• Parametría company performed an evaluation to assess the perception of several target audience involved in the International

- Tourism Fair of the Americas Fita 2010, such as:

- The two aspects best ranked by exhibitors were the general characteristics of the venue and the time in advance in which they received the invitation to attend the fair.

- 6 out of 10 exhibitors closed a commercial deal or a sale with professional visitors. The average of agreements or deals was 26.

- 77% of the professional visitors that attended FITA 2010 pointed out that they found everything they were looking for. On the other hand, only 16% mentioned that they found only a few things, and 4% who found nothing.

- 91% of the professional visitors had interviews with the exhibitors during the event. The average of interviews that each visitor had is 10.

- 91% of the general public mentioned that they found everything they were looking for in FITA 2010, 6% mentioned that they found only few things, and 2% pointed out that they found nothing.

- Regarding the price that the general public paid for the products or services, 79% thinks it was a fair price, and 14% considered it was cheap. FITA 2010 fulfilled the expectations of 94% of the attendance.

- The products or services that gathered the most attention of the press media are: national destinations (15%); presentations of international destinations (11%) and hotel services (10%).

- The two aspects that received the best evaluation by the media were the exhibitors and the tourism offer found in the fair.

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